What the heck is attribution?

Attribution is giving credit to the original creator of any video or audio elements you choose to use in your projects, whether it is from an online source or from our Media Library.

“Attribution required” means we must credit the original creator at some point in a project. Usually this happens at the very end of the credit sequence or after the last scene.

Attribution screens do not count toward the total time of your project. You can always give credit to other creators (for example, a 30 Second Video Challenge). Look for creator names in the classroom media library to credit your peers!

Video and Images

  • Pexels
    Good for traditional “stock” style videos and images. Free and premium options.


  • PixaBay
    Great variety, high-resolution video and photos.


  • Videezy (attribution required)
    Another resource that includes green screen elements and stock actor clips.


  • Videvo (attribution required)
    Large variety, including green screen and compositing elements. Use the “royalty-free” search filter when browsing clips.


  • Dareful
    4K footage, quality over quantity. Login required.

Music, Samples, and Sound Effects

  • BenSound
    Great selection of free background music. You’ll recognize some of it.

  • Sample Focus
    Great resource for samples to use in your music projects. 5 free downloads a week, login with your google account!

  • Josh Woodward (attribution required)
    Collection of music from many genres from composer Josh Woodward.

  • FreeSound (attribution required)
    User-submitted sound effects and audio files. Great for finding all kinds of audio, including drum grooves, special effects, soundscapes, etc. Login required, must use a non-@stcschools email address.


  • YouTube Audio Library
    high-quality music and background tracks. Some tracks may require attribution.