Welcome Parents and Families!

About the Program

As a satellite of Belmont-Harrison Career Centers, the primary goal of the Entertainment Marketing program is to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to find success and employment in the journalism, media, and entertainment industries should they choose to follow that career path. Today more than ever, employers are less interested in the piece of paper from a university and more interested in whether you have the skills and creative vision to do the work! Five high school course are offered, and each focuses on a different area of the media arts industry:

  • Video Production (9th – 12th)
  • Audio Broadcast (9th – 12th)
  • Digital Cinema (10th-12th)
    • Advanced Videography course
    • Students MUST pass Video Production before enrolling
  • Video Broadcast (10th – 12th)
    • Honors-level course
  • Musical Engineering (10th – 12th)
    • Honors-level course
    • Open to choir and band members or by permission from Mr. Weaver

Head to the Program Handbook for more information on each course!

How can I stay connected?

For the latest releases from the program as well as exclusive “behind the scenes” access to student-led productions:

  1. Subscribe to Red Devil Productions on YouTube for student-produced video and audio releases, including live broadcasts of WSTC News.
  2. Follow Red Devil Productions on Facebook for program updates, livestream links, and more!
  3. Check out Red Devil Productions on Instagram for behind-the-scenes photos and video from our latest projects, bloopers, and program updates from students enrolled in Entertainment Marketing Courses.

As parents, guardians, and family members, you can help your students’ hard work reach a larger audience. Share these links far and wide, and let’s show the community how talented your students are!

How do you measure student success?

This program does not use a traditional letter-based grading system for assignments. Instead, we focus on goal-oriented learning, individual student achievement, and a system of feedback and revision for our creative projects. As each year progresses, students complete and revise creative projects both independently and in student production groups. A student’s grade in a course is determined by their ability to meet project deadlines as well as weekly reflection and self-assessment of their work.

This system gives students the freedom to be creative and take chances without removing the responsibility of completing work, participating in class, and working to master new skills.

For more information on this, visit the Assessment page of the Program Handbook!

Questions? Need to get in touch? Please contact me via email or set up a time at the next parent-teacher conference!